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CMDA Competition Team

The CMDA Competition Team provides students with learning experiences above and beyond the normal training given during weekly classes. With more opportunities to perform, dancers will learn proper showmanship and performance techniques. Dancers will feel a sense of accomplishment and self-worth when presenting a dance to an audience, as well as have the opportunity to compete for scholarships, titles and more.

What's Included?

Unlimited Classes! 

Dancers on Competition Team may take any class in the appropriate skill level.


The CMDA Competition Team will attend 3-4 Dance Competitions during the spring of 2023. Each dancer will be performing two dances at each competition. Dancers will be allowed to enter solos, duets, trios and groups that are not chosen originally for an extra cost.


Monthly tuition to be a part of competition team covers more than just the classes, it covers up to 4 costumes for competition as well. If there are more than 4, there will be a $75 charge per costume. 

Team Specific Classes!

Dancers on Competition Team will have dedicated time throughout the week for special training as well as learn and perfect group dances, trios, duets and solos. These classes are held two to three times a week.


Not only will the dances be preformed at competition, they will also be performed at different locations and events throughout the year as well. 

Schedule coming soon!



1. Ballet classes are required of all CMDA Team members.

All Company members must take ballet class/classes at their level and fulfill the requirement at that level. This means taking ballet class 2x/week if you are at the advanced level. 

2. At least 2 classes (other than ballet) are required of all CMDA Team members.

All Company members must take at least two classes (other than ballet) at their level and fulfill the requirement. Any style of dance is accepted.

3. Attendance

Members are to promptly attend the CMDA Team classes each week, missing no more than four (4) classes or Rehearsals in a semester.

Competitions are mandatory, as well as performances. (must have a valid excuse as well as a teacher sign off to be excused)

4. CMDA Representation

Competition Team members and parents represent CMDA! Members must set a good example for all students at CMDA.  Competition Team members are role models for others to follow and proper behavior includes cleaning up after yourselves, showing a positive and mature attitude towards everyone at the studio, and attending classes regularly.

5. Dress Code

All CMDA Competition dancers will be required to wear a leotard and tights and/or dance shorts/pants as well as the proper footwear to each class. Hair must also be pulled back and out of the face. Please see the Dress Code Policy.

When attending competitions and performances, CMDA Team Jackets are required.

$25 Registration Fee per student, $45 per family

Monthly Tuition:


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