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Studio Policies

Tuition has a multitude of options. The easiest is to auto withdraw and is debited on the 1st of every month. A valid Credit card or bank EFT can be put on file at time of registration. Subsequently, there will be a $20 charge for non-sufficient funds or your credit card not being up to date. We also accept check, cash, and all mobile pay as well, which is also due on the 1st of every month. You are responsible to update the office with updated account information. Your account must be current in order for the student to participate in classes, recitals, performances, conventions and competitions.

Registration: To register, you can fill out our online registration form. You also can ask a staff member for assistance while in the studio. Here you will choose your desired class/classes and sign the CMDA Studio Policies. There is a $25.00 registration per student or $45.00 per family which will need to be renewed every August.

Class Cancellation: If you are cancelling (leaving for the year), the requirement is to give written notice 1 month prior to the 1st of following month. If the notice is not given 1 month prior to the next due date the account will be drafted and there will be no refunds granted. The notice has to be in writing, via email. Outstanding balances, if any, need to be paid at that time. Remember that there will be absolutely no refunds given for classes unattended. Excused absences can be made up with in a 2 week time period.

Studio Closures: It is Ohio, and bad weather happens. If Summit County Schools are closed for weather, then CMDA will also be closed. An alert will be sent out via email as well as on our social media platforms to inform you if the studio is closed due to any other reason or if the weather worsens throughout the day. These classes that are cancelled will have the opportunity to make it up on a scheduled Saturday.

Attendance: Attendance plays a vital part in how well you or your child will progress in dancing. As a child it can be frustrating to fall behind and frustrating to the rest of their classmates if there are excessive absences. Please make every effort to be in class and to notify the studio by telephone if a student must miss a class. You may arrange a make-up class at that time. Make-ups should be made within two weeks of the missed class. Students do not need to make up missed classes for holidays because they are already accounted for. If you are investing your time, energy and money into quality dance education, please give it your full attention. Credit is not given for absences.

Class Changes: If a student finds it necessary to drop or switch a class, please notify the front desk. If a student needs to withdraw from all classes, a withdrawal submission must be completed from your student portal, as tuition will continue to accumulate until the Withdrawal has been completed and submitted. A 1 month notice is required for the payment changes to become effective on the 1st of the following month.

Dress Attire: We do enforce a DRESS CODE. To “look like a dancer” encourages one to conduct of oneself like a dancer. Students not dressed according to the dress code will not be permitted to take class. Please check the dress code tab for your dancer’s class(es).  There will be no gum chewing, eating, or drinking in the dance studio. Water is allowed in the studio rooms only. No jewelry is to be worn for safety reasons and we will not be responsible for damage or loss. Hair must be secured away from the face and neck for all classes.  There are cubbies available for the dancer's to keep their belongings.

Pictures: Cue the Music Dance Academy is hereby granted permission to take photographs of students for school use in brochures, the CMDA website, social media, posters and all other promotional materials created by CMDA Staff members or professional photographers hired by CMDA. My permission is also granted for Cue the Music Dance Academy to copyright such photographs in its name.

Students are expected to have their own accident and medical insurance either under their parent’s coverage or their own. All instructors of Cue the Music Dance Academy are safety conscious and follow appropriate safety procedures. Cue the Music Dance Academy will be held harmless from liability or claims resulting from your child’s participation in the studio dance training program.

Patience and understanding are essential to us in regards to all children learn at a different pace. Please do not compare your child’s progress to any other student. If you have any reasons for concern about your child or their instructor/s please set up an appointment with the front desk for a private conference. You will receive our attention, respect, and gratitude. If an instructor has any concerns in regards to your child’s progress, you will be contacted.

Arriving/Departing: All students are requested to arrive 5 minutes early for their lesson. Be sure to use the restroom, put proper shoes on, hair tied up, etc. While on the premises of the studio, students and siblings should conduct themselves in an orderly fashion. Please be courteous to fellow parents in the waiting area. If you have other children please keep them seated. We have a children’s room for your convenience. Students are to remain inside until picked up by a parent. Parental permission must be on file for students them go to other areas in the plaza. The studio and office are not play areas, please use the lounge for quiet activities. Parents will be held responsible for fixing or replacing any vandalism of the Dance Studio property.

Annual Winter Recital (TBD): Detailed information about the concert will be available in September. The Recital will be held the second week of December each year. Recital Show Fee is due on October 1st. The Show Fee includes; participation fee and t- shirt. All CMDA students are to perform in the annual Recital. If there is a circumstance your student can not participate in the recital please inform the front desk on or before September 25th. If you register after October 1st and would like to participate in Recital, the full amount must be paid, and ONLY if we can have the t-shirt ordered in enough time for Recital. Please check with the front desk for details.

Annual Summer Recital: Detailed information about the concert will be available in Nov/Dec. The Recital will be held in June of each year. Recital Package/A la Carte item Deposits are due on November 30th. The remainder of the fees will be due on March 26th. All CMDA Students are to perform in the annual Recital. If there is a circumstance your student can not participate in the recital please inform the front desk on or before November 30th. If you register after March 26th and would like to participate in Recital, the full amount must be paid, and ONLY if we can have the costume ordered in enough time for Recital. Please check with the front desk for details.

Compliments for Costumes Referral Discount: We encourage our families to share their excitement about Cue the Music Dance Academy with their friends and families. Any currently enrolled student who refers a friend who registers and pays their first month’s tuition will receive $45 towards a Costume for our Annual Spring Recital. There is no limit to the number of referrals a student may receive.

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